[News] AKA and Emtee’s bromance melts hearts (Video)

AKA and Emtee melt hearts with their friendly act toward each other.

Emtee AKA - [News] AKA and Emtee’s bromance melts hearts (Video)

The Hip Hop genre is gradually emerging after years of existing in the shadow due to the Amapiano.

Rappers are finally getting to settle their differences and some are renewing their friendship.

The two aforementioned rappers are known to be on a good term, but it’s been a while since they went public about their relationship.

A few years ago, Emtee regarded AKA as his idol which is undoubtedly top tier.

In a recent video that surfaced on social media, the two were seen hugging each other repeatedly, and at some point, Kiernan rubbed his face on the Trap star’s face.

The smiles on their faces said a lot which got social media users in their feelings.

The bromance exuded in the video is all you need to watch today.

See video below:


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